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Four teenage friends suddenly develop strange mental abilities. A girl with pink hair seems to be behind all of that... and soon they are off on a hunt through Germany, the world and even beyond the skies.

Play the story as one of them, solve puzzles along the way, meet friends and foes, discover the truth behind the biggest conspiracy of all times – and maybe find love*, too...

Epic and light-hearted story with lots of puzzles (that mostly can be skipped if you're not into it), the chance for romance (also optional) and 8 good endings. 

* (This feature works for male and female players, a "rainbow mode" for homosexual players can be activated.)

Award for the best Sound & Music at the "Feedback Fest 2022", 2nd place for "overall fun".


You and your friends suddenly discover strange mental abilities. A girl with pink hair seems to be behind it. Join your friends on an epic quest to reveal the "last secret", discover the truth about the world and save your life and the whole earth...
Epic and light-hearted story with lots of puzzles (that mostly can be skipped if you're not into it), the chance for romance (also optional) and 8 good endings. 

Main characters:

Four of the heroes of the game: Karina, Anna, Honghong und Meilin:Image

Time to introduce the case of The Last Secret in a bit more details... Here we go! 
Let's start with your childhood friend, Meilin...Image

The second of the main cast: kind and smart Honghong... Image

Here comes Karina: the sweet and nerdy math girl with a love for strange hoodies...Image

Not one of your high school friends, but instead an international music star: Ben Benjamin... Where will you manage to meet him?Image

And finally, the mysterious girl with pink hair... Is she behind all these strange events happening? And *what* is she?Image

Game play:

The Last Secret is a visual novel with a complex story and lots of mini games and puzzles. You can play as female or male protagonist. Activating the "rainbow mode" allows you to get close to same-gender characters. (If you're only into story and romance, you can always let one of your smart friends give hints or solve the puzzles for you. If you're only into story and puzzles, you can skip the romantic part and enjoy the game nevertheless.)

Here's one of the puzzles the heroes have to solve on their way: connect lights of the same color along the lines, but no lights of different colors!


Fun in the sun (you wouldn't guess where this is):


A pic from one of the romantic endings of the game:


The opening (mandarin with English subtitles):

Karina's math dream (in English):

Meilin under cherry blossoms:


  • Interesting and rich story line with many hours of game play (2 MB of scripts)
  • 8 good endings, numerous bad ones
  • Playable as male and female, you can chose to date different gender or same gender characters (or nobody at all).
  • Tons of nice background graphics, simple but cute character design (300+ images)
  • Award-winning soundtrack, including several songs with vocals (in English or Chinese with subtitles) plus a few songs from Lemmino
  • Many puzzles to be solved on the way, each of them unique
  • Several language versions available

Reviewer comments:

“Sweet and adorable”    
– Treecle
"Great artwork, well written and very deep story"
– XBL Indie Spotlight
“Entertaining, interactive story, very likeable and a bit quirky heroes”
– DGoZ
 “If you like mysteries, this is the game for you. - Really fun!”
– European Go Journal
"Epic quest with puzzles!"
– Dankest Memes
"The most intriguing Visual Novel I ever played"
– NNDanko


Try out the game - since if you don't, Meilin will be pretty angry with you:Image

(And she can be scary, you know!)  :wink:

Install instructions


THE LAST SECRET runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Just download the file, unzip it and start the program TheLastSecret by double clicking it. Depending on your operating system, you may have to give explicit permission to your computer to run the game. 


The Last Secret 1.06 1 GB
Version 6 4 days ago
Optional puzzle for THE LAST SECRET (English) 677 kB
Optionales Rätsel für THE LAST SECRET (Deutsch) 622 kB

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Great game!! I like it a lot!! It have a good and funny story with good riddles to resolve than will make you think. Very good job doing it :D

I have some feedback for improve the game, where I can contact you for say the feedback?


Thanks a lot, I'm glad that you like it!

I'm just posting an update with some bug fixes. You can give me feedback on Twitter,  just send a direct message to me! Thank you!

You're more than welcome :D
Oh ok, so I will send it for direct message on Twitter

Super schöne Rätsel und tolle Geschichte!